For me, the Dallas Cowboys is one of the most important teams in the National Football League. They are always my team, and they always have been.

I have never thought the Dallas Cowboys was a good team.

That is just not me. But once I went to the NFL Draft in Chicago back in 1995 and came away from that event, thinking that the Dallas Cowboys was a good team.

I do not remember exactly why I was convinced that the Dallas Cowboys was a good team, but I remember that I went to Chicago with very high expectations. I remember the night the Dallas Cowboys selected Herschel Walker as their second pick, and I remember the moment I saw their first pick, running back Emmitt Smith.

The first thing I noticed was that he was bigger than me. He had a much better look, and I remember thinking to myself, “wow!”

I really liked the fact that he had country music stars and the local Dixie Chicks singing “Home Sweet Home” as he was being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. It seemed that there was something magical about his game.

I also remember the night we picked Emmitt Smith, first overall, out of Oklahoma, and I remember the following draft day when we traded the first overall pick to the New York Giants for the second pick in the draft and then moved down to pick Luke Babbitt. I remember how much love the Dallas Cowboys showed for Luke. And I remember how great Luke looked on his first day at Cowboys rookie minicamp.

When Luke Babbitt was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys,

I remember thinking to myself, “how is this happening?” Babbitt played in the NFL for six years, and during that time he made many nice plays and even became a Pro Bowl player. So it was easy for me to understand that the Dallas Cowboys picked him up for a bargain, but it was the rest of his NFL career that was making this selection worth a special mention.

As the new Cowboys GM, Jerry Jones told me that Luke Babbitt was our answer to Herschel Walker, and even though I did not know what he was talking about, I could tell that he was on to something with Luke. I said to Jerry that Babbitt looked like he could be a top ten pick, and he replied that he thought so, and he got a steal.

I also thought the selection of Babbitt was great when the Dallas Cowboys selected Emmitt Smith in the second round. Not only was Emmitt perfect for the Dallas Cowboys, but I thought it was important that we found a running back that could handle the load on all three downs.

The Dallas Cowboys finally had the superstar receiver that they have been searching for, and if you go back and look at the draft they did this on, it was quite a few times. The Dallas Cowboys had the perfect example of what they were looking for but did not have the quality player to fit the bill.

On the day of the Dallas Cowboys second draft pick, I was ecstatic, and I did not want to leave the draft room, because I was looking forward to watching the new Dallas Cowboys players get to play for the team they were chosen to play for. I saw that Ronnie Brown was looking to hit the ground running and he did just that, after he signed with the Dallas Cowboys.

  • It is an amazing thing to see your favorite team selecting the best player available.
  • I could not wait to see Ronnie Brown to make his NFL debut for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • We had seen all the possible picks in the draft, and I was ready to see another player.
  • RonnieBrown was my second choice, and we were all thrilled to see him make his NFL debut.