Over the years the history of the Dallas Cowboys has been both exciting and dramatic. The team’s history began with a team owner, George Preston Marshall, who was willing to give out free beer during his games at the old Dallas Stadium. Marshall also would get into fights with his teammates by offering them fake money to help pay for drinks. Those were the times that the Cowboys were a true team.

The man responsible for bringing the team together was Ron Wink.

Wink was a famous Dallas Cowboys coach at the time, and Wink’s first move was to eliminate all the players’ free beer. He then added “Bye” signs to the backs of all the team’s jerseys to make it look like they were throwing the game and leaving.

Another story about the Cowboys that you may not know is that it was not on a green field that they played their first game. They actually played on a grass field that was dotted with oil rigs.

All that was left after the game was for it to be sold for scrap. Unfortunately for the Cowboys, they did not have the money to afford the money to dig the hole for the new field. So, they made one in their back yard and used a fat man to lift the dirt off the flat top surface of the field.

Because of this friendly rivalry with the Oilers, the two teams each had their very own logo. The Cowboys wore white helmets, while the Oilers wore black helmets. The logo for the Cowboys was very unique, but the Oiler helmet was well known to be a very classy design.

Another interesting part of the history about the Dallas Cowboys is how they earned the nickname “The Boys of Anarchy.” These were the teams that would sometimes just show up and not show up on time. There was some serious grumbling when these guys started showing up late to games and in some cases, even wore uniforms that were too long.

The mascot was a black bear, which started as an eagle.

It looked like the older eagle designs were not doing the team justice, so the new bear design was put into use. The Texans thought the change to the bear mascot was a bad idea, so they tried to steal the team’s trademark.

The story about the Eagles is that they wore the word “stomp” on their helmets. This was a reflection of the fact that the teams played hard, but it wasn’t exactly on the field. Many fans felt that the Eagles were trying to steal the term “stomp the field,” and they wanted their own.

During some of these games, fans would toss plastic spoons and anything else that they could find on the field. This was supposed to symbolize any attempt the opposing team made to knock the players off the field. After a while, the fans realized that this was their tradition and threw the spoons over their shoulders.

A few of the more colorful moments happened during local high school football games. The games were very violent and many of the fans had a lot of family members who were high school football players. Some of the parents thought that if they came dressed up as their favorite player, that they would be able to show their support for their kids.

They would use helmet stickers that represented their favorite player. When they got a hit, they would stand up and give the helmet a little dance.

  • A lot of the fans really enjoyed this way of showing support for their beloved players.
  • As you can see, there are a lot of stories that are very interesting and fun to hear about for all of the team’s fans.
  • These stories are part of the history about the Dallas Cowboys.