One thing that makes the Dallas Cowboys special is their extraordinary players, and that includes some of the best ones that have ever played for the team. You can find information about all of them in this section.

Here are some of the best Dallas Cowboys players that have taken the field.

They provide a detailed list that includes their game statistics, career statistics, highlights, stats, awards, nicknames, statistics, and more.

Jason Witten: “It’s been fun to watch Jason’s career,” said co-owner Jerry Jones. “The most fun I’ve had watching any player on the Cowboys, and I’ve watched quite a few.” Witten has been the Cowboys all-time leading receiver for more than a decade and became the first player to record 200 receptions in a season.

Darren Woodson: “Darren’s career is one of the best, if not the best,” said Tony Romo. “He’s a good player. He’s earned the right to be here.”

Michael Irvin: “Michael’s career is pretty remarkable,” said Tony Romo. “A really good young man. He’s a young NFL quarterback.”

Willie Roaf: “He’s a great teammate and a terrific athlete, so he’s had an extraordinary career,” said Tony Romo. “When you play in the National Football League you always look forward to the next game and trying to get better as a player.”

Rolando McClain: “I have always admired Rolando’s career and how he had everything he needed to make it,” said Drew Rosenhaus, who is also the president of the Dallas Cowboys. “There’s a lot of talk about being a winner, but we always liked him. You always appreciate a guy that plays the game the right way.”

Julius Peppers: “Julius’ career has been incredible, from high school through college,”

said Dallas Cowboys General Manager, Scott Pioli. “His football career was nearly cut short because of a knee injury, but he learned and came back from that injury to become one of the most dominant defensive linemen of his time.”

Morris Claiborne: “Morris’ career has been long and successful,” said Jerry Jones. “He went undrafted out of Notre Dame, but he didn’t let his draft position keeps him from achieving success. He has had a number of impressive seasons.”

Orlando Pace: “Orlando’s career has been remarkable,” said Drew Rosenhaus. “After winning a Super Bowl, he had a chance to play for a team in New England, but opted to sign with the Dallas Cowboys. He’s been a very productive player and will go down as one of the best inside linebackers of our time.”

Sean Lee: “Sean’s career has been great,” said Jerry Jones. “He’s played well for the Dallas Cowboys and has made a major impact.”

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