If you need a little inspiration for your next party, take a look at the Dallas Cowboys. The guys from the Cowboys were tough and had a lot of grit and didn’t take any crap from anyone. What can you do to show how much you care and how much you are into your game?

First, find a Dallas Cowboys team’s logo and a dollar bill with your favorite player’s name on it.

Don’t go too crazy with the price tag though, because you want the cash register to ring during the party! You can have your guests place their dollar bills in a designated bag when they leave so everyone knows who is getting it.

Give each guest a goodie bag filled with a variety of items to add to their game day getaway. You can buy all sorts of specialty items at the store like sunscreen, hats, wristbands, or even some discount tickets. Everyone will enjoy their very own bag with everything in it and you can buy more at the store when it’s all gone. Of course, if you are feeling really generous, why not go to the store and buy one of every Dallas Cowboys player’s jersey?

Don’t worry about games going into overtime or anything like that, as long as the party is pre-game night, everyone will be good. Have your guests wear their Dallas Cowboys gear while playing mini-golf and beating each other up. Of course, if they win, have them sign the winning ticket!

Games aren’t the only things that happen before the game. You can even organize a barbecue contest and have a dollar bill as the prize. You can throw the prizes around like they are nothing and let the food play host to the festivities. Don’t forget to give everyone in your party a free drink, if you think they’ll want to take a sip!

Take pictures of all of your guests at the game. Your picture may even end up on their t-shirts. Make sure that everyone that takes part in the game gets a shirt that says something about their individual accomplishment. You can even have your photos placed in a frame with the logo on it. This can make a great keepsake for years to come and also help to liven up the party.

Go out and purchase all of the Dallas Cowboys gear that you see in the stores and then you can bring it to the game. It’s more fun to have everything you see with you than it is to have to buy new gear! If you get tired of it all, there’s nothing wrong with trading out your Dallas Cowboys gear, it’s fun!

Buy a microphone for each guest at the game.

When they start talking, people will be able to hear you. Of course, make sure that you have enough microphones to cover the entire party room and everyone can take turns doing the talking.

Do a little bit of team bonding by having the players do some of the talking for the team after the game is over. You might even invite your favorite player to do this! Just have fun and try to stay focused on the outcome of the game.

On the other hand, if you want to get a little naughty, you can throw a frag fest and tell everyone how much money you made at the barbeque or just how many points you scored. That kind of bragging will get everyone thinking of how much fun they had that day!

Since the game doesn’t start until eight thirty, don’t forget to get all of your gear set up early. Some people can’t always wait to get to the stadium so they can watch the game in person, but for others, this is one of those days that they can’t resist bringing their football paraphernalia with them.

  • If you wait until the last minute, you will miss out on your chance to show everyone just how much you are into your sport.
  • Just make sure that you take a few hours off the next day so you can relax and enjoy the football game.
  • It will be worth it to get some stories from your Cowboys guests and talk about what they did.